Orange Is The New…

Let’s talk about one of the hottest colors of this season- orange. This color is very bright, vibrant and carries a lot of energy. If your main clothing item is orange, surely you will attract people’s attention- shy and orange do not work well together. If you have a lot of orange in your closet, it probably means you have enough confidence and a good eye for color blocking, styling! 

In the world of fashion, this color is more of an exception, rather than the rule. Perhaps, it is because orange can be associated with not-so-fashionable areas of our life (think construction, prison uniform, ‘Orange Is The New Black’). Fun fact, up until the 16th century, this color used to be called red-yellow (well, probably because it is really just that?!) or saffron. Orange, the way we know it, got its name from the orange fruit trees. Now going back to my favorite subject-fashion, this color was a prevalent color in mod culture. Many big designers, like Emilio Pucci, embarked on the orange adventure when working on their collections in the 60’s. Personally, I saw a lot of orange in my life as it is my mother’s absolute favorite color. When she was starting her company, it became her corporate color with pens, calendars, notebooks, and even her computer carrying the orange identity with pride. She always wears a lot of orange too in her daily life- here I get this bright memory of my mom in her beautiful cashmere coat that she custom ordered in the 00’s (and she, of course, still has it in her wardrobe) in dark, almost amber-y orange. 

I am not usually scared of bright, energetic colors but orange was not present much in my closet until now. This season (and right before the start of Fall, when we will be seeing orange in its natural habitat), I am craving all citrusy tones and this gorgeous shade is one of them. 

Do you wear orange?! Comment below and tell me about your most favorite orange clothing items! 

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